Concord 2023

Newhall White Division

Newhall White Division Playoffs

24 Team Single Elimination

  F1 No Respect
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm
T3 Good Fellas     No Respect
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   Good Fellas  
S3 Lazy S'rs  
  Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm   No Respect
  W2 Bocce Botch Ups   
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm   
Th2 TAZ     Bocce Botch Ups  
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   Too Perfetta  
M4 Too Perfetta  
  Sat, Sep 23, 9:30am   No Respect
  T1 Unity Bro's   
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm   
W3 Mission Imbocce     Unity Bro's   
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   Mission Imbocce    
Th4 Zappers    
  Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm   Unity Bro's  
  M1 Repeat Offenders   
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm   
F2 Whine Time     Zip's Rollers  
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   Zip's Rollers     No Respect
S4 Zip's Rollers   1st place
  Sat, Sep 23, 1:30pm
    All in the Family
  Th1 Regulators   2nd place
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm  
T2 Bocce Madness     Regulators  
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   WHABSAB   
  Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm   Regulators  
  S1 Pallino Coladas    
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm    
M3 Bocchums     Pallino Coladas   
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   Bocce Cumari   
W4 Bocce Cumari   
  Sat, Sep 23, 9:30am   All in the Family
  S2 Four Corners 76 Dogs  
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm  
M2 All in the Family     All in the Family  
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   All in the Family   
T4 Wing - It!   
  Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm   All in the Family
  W1 4 Watch 4 Play  
  Wed, Sep 20, 6:30pm      Unity Bro's
Th3 Not It     4 Watch 4 Play     Unity Bro's
Mon, Sep 18, 6:30pm   Deboccery   Sat, Sep 23, 1:30pm 3rd place
F3 Deboccery     Regulators
    Regulators 4th place


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No Respect

Second Place

All in the Family

Third Place

Unity Bro's

Fourth Place