East Bay Bocce

Electronic Scoring

In 2021, the Clayton Bocce League implemented electronic scoring (e-scoring). In e-scoring, scores are recorded in real-time using a hand-held device, usually a cell phone or tablet.

Note: You can view the Clayton e-scoring user's guide here. You can e-score a demo match here.

Some advantages of e-scoring are:

Our Bocce Community

Many local players participate in multiple leagues. The federations that run our leagues communicate results (scores, standings, etc.) in various formats, some easy to use, and some not so easy. Some have websites; some use Facebook. Some keep archival data, some do not.

The East Bay Bocce Website

The website started out at MyBocce.live, with the name reflecting the main purpose of supporting e-scoring and statistics for capos. Since then, the scope has broadened to include more information, including:

To reflect these additions, the website was renamed EastBayBocce.org.

Note: E-scoring is still in test mode. You can see a sample of e-scoring data here.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at admin@EastBayBocce.org.