Concord 2023

Newhall Red Division

Newhall Red Division Playoffs

  F1 Team Rehab        
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm        
Th3 Bocce After Dark   Team Rehab      
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   Bocce After Dark        
W3 Rat Pack          
    Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm      
      El Wapo    
  T2 El Wapo        
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm        
S2 Court Jesters   El Wapo      
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   Bocce Amore        
M4 Bocce Amore          
      Sat, Sep 23, 9:30am   Roll-em Pirates  
  Th1 Advance Auto Body        
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm        
T3 Get Past Monday   Get Past Monday      
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   Get Past Monday        
W4 Crushers          
    Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm      
      Roll-em Pirates    
  M1 Roll-em Pirates        
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm        
F2 Ballsagna   Roll-em Pirates      
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   Rollin' Raiders         Roll-em Pirates
S4 Rollin' Raiders         1st place
        Sat, Sep 23, 1:30pm  
            Spot Club
  W1 Spot Club       2nd place
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm        
Th2 Veni Vidi Bocce   Spot Club      
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   Veni Vidi Bocce        
T4 Hi Bocce Burners          
    Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm      
      Spot Club    
  S1 Bocce Lives Matter        
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm        
M3 The Bocce Bunch   Bocce Lives Matter      
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   Vechio Amicos        
F4 Vechio Amicos          
      Sat, Sep 23, 9:30am   Spot Club  
  W2 Bocce Mo's        
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm        
M2 The Sting   The Sting      
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   The Sting        
Th4 Ol Boys          
    Fri, Sep 22, 6:30pm      
      The Sting    
  T1 Sempre Bocce        
  Thu, Sep 21, 6:30pm       El Wapo  
F3 Team Badabing   Sempre Bocce       The Sting
Tue, Sep 19, 6:30pm   Bocce Amici     Sat, Sep 23, 1:30pm 3rd place
S3 Bocce Amici           El Wapo
          The Sting 4th place


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Roll-em Pirates

Second Place

Spot Club

Third Place

The Sting

Fourth Place

El Wapo